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About Us

iStock_000004583601Small copyThank you for your interest in Executive Rentals, Inc. Below is a comprehensive list of the services we provide and procedures we follow.


Our policy is “If you don’t make money, we don’t make money.” You will not be charged for a home that isn’t rented – So it is in every ones best interest to get the unit rented as soon as possible. We accomplish this through advertising in the Sun News, Thrifty Nickel and various web sites including Paragon and AHRN, a rental database for military personnel.


Finding tenants isn’t enough – We want Quality Tenants to rent your home. To ensure that tenants are up to our standards, we run a background check on each prospect that includes credit, employment verification, rental history and a criminal background check.


Your home is your investment – We are here to make sure that you get the most out of it. Accidents happen and sometimes rentals need repairs or preventive maintenance. We have an excellent team of contractors that include plumbers, electricians and general maintenance that are professional and affordable.


The lease protects the owners and the tenants. It ensures that the tenants will be there for a specified amount of time while setting the terms of the contract. Anytime there is a dispute, the lease is what determines the outcome.


The deposit is held to protect the owners in case a tenant defaults on the lease or leaves the property in poor condition. We generally ask for a deposit equal to one months rent, but that is negotiable depending on the requirements of the owner.


We collect rent between the 1st and the 5th of each month. We charge a 10% late fee if it is not in by the specified time.

Checks and Statements

We guarantee rent to our owners by the 15th of each month, sooner if we use direct deposit. We also provide our owners with statements and a balance sheet that documents what happened during the month and gives a year to date balance of incoming and outgoing monies.


In order to ensure that properties are being taken care of, we perform random inspections. This includes drive by inspections to check up on yard maintenance and home inspections.


Sometimes things just don’t work out and tenants need to be evicted. The process starts with a 3 day notice to remedy the situation and takes roughly two weeks after that. If the tenant owes a considerable amount of money, then steps can be taken to garnish their wages.